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Rita started her own business in 2014, regularly cleaning households. 

Thanks to his reliability and precision, his reputation quickly spread and his weekdays were soon filled with constant cleaning.

There are families where she has been keeping the household in order for more than 8 years

The expansion of our business took place in 2022. Our goal was to be able to help even more families with the acquired knowledge and experience, and to be able to undertake large-scale cleanings in addition to regular cleanings.

However, this required responsible colleagues and own cleaning equipment. 

As we expanded, in addition to being approached by private individuals, more and more companies noticed our activities and used our services. 

In May 2023, our individual business ltd. we continued in the form of Chalupa-Huber Takarítás Kft., but we are still present on the market under the fantasy name TakaRita.

Thanks to our reliable team, we were already able to take on larger jobs, so in May we successfully completed the major cleaning of a building unit with a floor area of ​​more than 1,500 m2 in 3 days. It reflects the satisfaction of our clients that they asked us to clean the building regularly. 

We currently keep an area of ​​more than 3,000 m2 in order and we have continuous requests for major cleanings. 

Chalupa-Huber Rita

For me, cleaning is a kind of love that turns me off and recharges me.
Since my mother was also active in this profession, I had many opportunities to learn from her as a child, when my brother and I helped her. The love of it was instilled in me right there, so as an adult it quickly became clear that this was my path.

In a short period of time, I have had many, many families whose homes I have been able to make clean and beautiful week after week for more than 8 years now. There is no better feeling than when I enter an apartment in the morning and at the end of the day I leave with everything shining, clean and tidy. 

It's more than just work for me. Passion! 🙏

Takarítok, rendet rakok, utánam minden ragyog.

Chalupa Ervin

Unlike the girls, I usually don't take an active part in cleaning, but of course I help the team in everything.

I am responsible for the website and marketing activities, I help with invoicing and organization so that the business built by my wife appears clean and orderly on the Internet, to the same high standard as they clean. 🙏